LVEO + Elektrik Sunset x Oakland = RAD

Dearly Belveoeds,

One more step to take, since we're down here anyway...

Come join us this Saturday eve for LVEO's last outing of the year at Oakland's Lounge 3411 (35th and MacArthur). We open the show at 7:30PM and Elektrik Sunset performs at 8:30PM. 

All good in the hood.



Happy Day After Halloween Show!!!!

Howdy LVEOers,

We have a show coming up the day after Halloween at 50 Mason Social Club in San Francisco. Music Starts at 7 and there are several bands playing in support of our pals Elektrik Sunset's 3rd album release party. They've got a Psychedelic Surf Punk Thing goin' that occasionaly ends with a Ukrainian accordion song about "not putting your ass in the pudding" and we are honored to be on this bill with them. Also performing are the Electrophiliacs and The Loose Cannons.

LVEO goes on about 10pm and you can expect all of the usual suspects - ED Eric Davis (Drums of Vigor), Lord Eric "Can't Not Funk You" Richardson (Bass of Steel), Jen Faith (my angel voiced lveoer), Bob O'Magic (screemies via face and Fenderella) and hopefully Scotty Rock N Roll Robertson on volcanic guitar stunts... ARE YOU COMING,  SCOTTY?
Hope to see you there.  Wear your Haloweener costume (we will), and we'll give you a shout out from stage. FANCY!

A Song About Our Boy



kiss her ring



in comes another

as precious as the first

to celebrate a dream

we cherish his birth

Lifting our spirits

we all say a word

for a king is by name

an angel by worth




kiss her ring






Singing in the Car

We've got a couple of gigs coming up in November (check out our calendar). It's the full deal (Bob, ED, Lord, Jen Faith with Scotty Rock N Roll on guitar on some tunes we've been working on in the studio... what a treat).  I've been practicing in the car - trying to remember some old stuff and learn the new stuff and I am excited to get on stage again.  It's been a while and we play best after a long break.

If you didn't catch us at The Old Western Saloon in Pt Reyes, we're really shifting into a new style.  ED and Lord have figured out a way to keep it moving steady (people were dancing throughout our last live set) which frees me up to do a little more of my antics. I LVEO it!!!

Our newest song "Thunder King" is about my son - written when we first discovered he was growing in momma Jen. Guess I knew he'd be a boy. The music was improvised in the studio and it will likely be improvised when we premier it at our first show in November.

Did you hear that guys.... Where playing Thunder KIng on the first!  

* Lyrics are posted in the previous news post if your curious.





Happy Almost-versary!

Last Fling Flyer

Wow!  It's almost been 7 years since we had our last single Fling at the Yoot!  Hard to believe, but now we is all growed up and have 2 kids to prove it. Our youngest is 6 months old now so clearly it's time to get back the band stirin' again.

LVEO has 3 shows lined up for October and November and we are finishing mixing our new recording (thanks to Scott Weissman at Expression).

We'll have something to share about both soon!!

Lveo on!




Baby LVEO rocks out at her first punk rock show!

The band is called All You Can Eat and hasn't been active since '97, but they put on a great reunion show and the singer, Devon, happily agreed to let us share this special moment with you all.  Check out her dance moves and interaction with the singer!  Papa and Mama LVEO were sooooooo proud! And yes, she's wearing earplugs.


Check out video here...


Baby LVEO rocks out at her first punk rock show!






Pics from Mama Buzz!

LVEO Mama Buzzin

Mama Buzzin' LVEO - click here for more pics

A little teaser vid...


LVEO your mommy!

One of the queries presented by The Artist Way goes something like "how do your parents support your art?" As I was watching my mom in the small crowd at Mama Buzz, complete with neon orange earplugs and grandbaby on lap, I was reminded of how supportive she has always been of my art and music. The day following the show, I got a text from her that reinforced the thought - "it sounded wonderful"... and it got me thinking about what kind of things she had done in the past to encourage my artistic expression.

Either while I was in high school or shortly thereafter, she created an opportunity for me that I may never forget - partially because it was so bizarre, but mostly because it was so exhilarating. Mom hired me to perform for her friend's exclusive birthday dining party, which took place in a private dining room in a very posh French restaurant in the city. I don't recall what exactly my perimeters were, but I do recall feeling free to do whatever I thought would be most entertaining.

A couple weeks prior to the event, we went down to the old costume rental shop just off of Adeline in Berkeley, and took a tour for inspiration.  It only took me about 15 seconds before I found it... an elaborate C3PO mask.  Hours later, I had a tuxedo to accompany and the beginnings of a script that had something to do with how sorry I would be to show up late for the birthday event, and that master Luke had intended to offer me as a gift to the birthday gentleman earlier in the evening had there not been some trouble that R3 had gotten us into.

After hours of watching the first 3 minutes of the first movie of the trilogy over and over again (to study the droid's voice pattern and mannerisms), I re-crafted the script until I was happy with it and I recited my monologue over and over for the next several days, filled with dire anticipation.

On the evening of the dinner, Mom pulled up to a stunned valet and dropped the Star Wars character (complete with exquisite tux) off at the front of the restaurant. I was lead into the private dining area where all of the guests went silent.  My performance really only lasted about three minutes, but it seemed like seconds and although I was sweating like mad and most definitely shaking from terror, it was also the most exciting thing I had ever experienced... and most definitely informed my desire to write and perform.

Needless to say, the birthday crowd were flabbergasted (or so I recall).

Thanks Mom! You're the best!



Whole lotta' LVEO

lveo rockstar

Wow... last night, we played at a house/birthday party that was so much fun and the people there were really good folks - what a good time! Ed and I rocked out, took some requests (gladly) and even had our pal Cyrus join us (on bass) for a couple of his favorite tunes. There were some issues with the PA, but there were also some really magical moments on the mic as well. Jen joined us for some of her favorites and we shared one mic, which is my preference because she is so damn sexy and her voice is straight ethereal.

As a result, some recording and multimedia collaborations have sprouted. You'll get more details as they blossom.

Next show...

If you reside in the O, you know Mama Buzz. We'll be performing there on Wednesday, March 30th. It'll be a fun night with good tunes and good friends. Originally, we thought we'd do a simple acoustic thing (with Jen and Bob), but the fellas wanted in (and we just can't resist), so you'll get the whole LVEO deal on a 'more reasonable' volume - certainly more condusive to this cafe. We've been brewing up some creative ways to give you the full LVEO effect without over-rawking your bad selves. Pleae grab your friends, kids, lveoers and catch us early (at 7PM). You know that we'd lveo to see you!

Learn about the show deets here -



**Stick around after we perform, have a drink with us, and enjoy the other really cool bands:

The Height

Shovel Man -

LVEO at Mama Buzz Cafe

The Height:  Are you playing any shows soon?

LVEO: As soon as you put me on your bill.

The Height: You wanna play at Mama Buzz Cafe on March 30?

LVEO: LVEO accepts your gracious offer.

The Height: Really! Cool!

If you reside in the O, you know Mama Buzz.  It'll be a fun night with good tunes, and we'll be in Wife and Huzz Band configuration, so if you're into Bob O'Magic acoustic with the etherial supporting vocals of Jen Faith, this'd be a good one to check out.

Speaking of acoustic LVEO.  I just re-discovered a recording from a radio show we did in 2007 (I think). Some of the tunes turned out pretty good... I put together a lil' album on our bandcamp page and it features  the first ever recording of our song "Kirby Cove" - actually recorded on the air the day I wrote it.  Take a listen...

Check out The Height -

Shovel Man will be performing on March 30th too!  - (you gotta check out a video of this guy to get the full effect! - Very cool!

Mucho lveo,



It has been our plan for some time to begin writing again. LVEO has always improvised for a good portion of our sessions, and we've allowed ourselves to just let the muses take over and cherish the present moment - only to let these new creations simply disintegrate into the ether. It has become a useful practice that has enabled the band to play with different interests, directions, and members. At the same time, this ongoing habit has helped us to integrate our individual talents into a single vibration. This is really what LVEO has become and we are excited to begin to capture this on tape.

We are thankful for our friend Cyrus, who has helped us record some of this improv - which is the first step of our writing plan. After capturing this raw expression, the next step is to listen closely, then re-work, polish and expand on the tune without loosing the original feel and raw emotion.  If all goes well, you'll get to hear new tunes at shows and more polished recordings.  We'll see how it goes...

Funny that the first tune we captured has evolved into an anthem for just this...  To our future!  VIVA LVEO!

Lyrics for "Cross Over" by LVEO

Cross Over

left you there
with everything in the air
light strings past my window
and i accelerate
to get away
... the lights grow longer

... longer
you should figure this
will be our last communication
with a long stretch between
roll back the roof
and feel the moon
dancing on those strings
from the boom
... from a room
... from a boom... ahhh


I can smell the sweet air
it's thick up here
and I've worn the city treads
down off my tires
and I just keep driving
and i just keep taking us
our  thoughts of old
are going lower
thoughts of old
growing farther
our thoughts are new
thoughts, thoughts, thoughts...
thoughts of new
thoughts of new...


I see you the mirror
and hear your sweet old voice say
remember me
remember what you will
remember what you might
remember when we're good
remember that we're tight
remember what we say
remember what we do
remember this song is
given to the new
remember this song
remember this song
remember this song






A rare chance to catch LVEO live... in SPACE!!!

Deep, dark, ruckass rawkness at Space Lounge in Berkeley.  Expect something like the Mos Eisley Cantina with a sexier band sans the Han Solo/Guido incident. It is more likely that you will be embraced and welcomed with smiles and gratitude than confronted with a blaster. If all goes well, word of a steller performance will spread and Bret and Jemaine will honor us with LVEO in Space!  "Jemaine, wake up... it's me, 2010 LVEO from the Space Lounge in Berkeley!"